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Welcome to the Tags Section, a pioneering space in our mobile app that's reinventing the way information is consumed and curated.
In contrast to traditional platforms, our app allows users to tag any public content - be it a post in a public blog, a message in a public chat, a comment on a public blog post, or a public event. This means you have the power to shape how content is categorized and discovered, contributing to a more meaningful and authentic information marking process.
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    Moreover, you can curate your own list of tag subscriptions. Whenever new content is tagged with one or several of your subscribed tags, it will appear in your chronological feed in the Tags Section. This keeps you in the loop and ensures that you only see the content that genuinely interests you.
    While the main section displays a feed of information relevant to your entire subscription list, you also have the flexibility to create custom feeds. You can select one or several specific tags to curate a feed that fits your current interests or needs.
    The purpose of our innovative approach is to provide a better social control over information distribution, and address the issues of information manipulation and misinformation. We want to empower you, the user, with the ability to access and curate the information you truly desire, instead of being limited by obscure and ineffective artificial algorithms.
    The Tags Section is more than just a part of our app - it's a democratic information tool that gives you control over your digital consumption. It's the next step in creating a transparent, user-driven digital environment.
Welcome to the Notifications Section, your personalized news feed within our app. This is where all your important alerts come together, ensuring you stay connected and informed about what's happening in your digital environment.
The Notifications Section is designed to consolidate a wide variety of in-app notifications, nine to be precise. Each notification type corresponds to a different kind of interaction, providing a comprehensive overview of your in-app activity.
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    Here's what you can expect to see:
    Chat Invitations: Be notified whenever someone invites you to join a chat.
    Blog Invitations: Stay informed when you're invited to contribute or participate in a blog.
    Event Invitations: Never miss out on an exciting event with alerts for new invitations.
    Replies to Messages, Posts or Comments: Track the conversation with updates whenever someone replies to your messages, posts, or comments.
    Quotations: Discover when your words made an impact with alerts when someone quotes you.
    Mentions: Keep abreast of your community's interactions with notifications when someone mentions you.
    New Chat Messages: Stay on top of your conversations with updates on new chat messages.
    Upcoming Events: Receive timely reminders before an event starts, helping you manage your time effectively.
    Missed Calls: Be aware of any missed calls to ensure you're always reachable.
    In the Notifications Section, everything important to you is gathered in one place. It's more than just a list of updates—it's your personalized portal into the activity around you, keeping you engaged and informed without any hassle.
Immerse yourself in the Events Section, your personalized calendar and event management hub within our mobile app. This feature is more than just a date tracker—it's your window into a world of experiences, shared moments, and collaborative endeavors.
The Events Section is an interactive space that showcases all the events created by you or other users. These events can be as diverse as the people who create them: they can be public, open to all, or private, invitation-only. They can take place online, right within the app, or offline, in the physical world.
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    In this section, you'll find a visually engaging and user-friendly calendar displaying all your upcoming events. This includes those you've created yourself and those you've been invited to attend. Each event is not just a date and time but a unique opportunity to engage with others and participate in shared experiences.
    Private events add an exclusive touch to this section. As an invitee, you'll see these events only after you've accepted the invitation, ensuring your calendar remains clutter-free and truly personalized.
    Whether it's a virtual meet-up, an offline gathering, a public seminar, or a private celebration, the Events Section helps you manage and track all your engagements effortlessly. It's more than just a calendar—it's your platform to create, invite, share, and participate in moments that matter.
Welcome to the Chats Section, your interactive communication hub within our mobile app. This isn't just a space to exchange messages—it's a dynamic platform where ideas are shared, conversations happen, and communities thrive.
The Chats Section is designed to cater to a wide range of communication styles and needs. You'll find three main types of chats here: Personal Chats, Public Chats, and Event-Related Chats.
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    Personal Chats: These are typical one-on-one conversations. It's a private space where you can exchange ideas, share updates, or simply catch up with friends, family, or colleagues.
    Public Chats: These are open forums where a large number of users can participate in real-time discussions. Whether it's for a trending topic, shared interests, or any other purpose, these chats encourage lively, interactive discussions.
    Event-Related Chats: These chats are automatically created with each new event. They provide a platform for attendees to coordinate, communicate, and engage in discussions before, during, and after the event. You don't have to be a participant in the event to join these chats, giving you flexibility and choice.
    Moreover, you can mark any of these chats as 'Favorite', making them easily accessible in a separate 'Favorites' tab. This feature helps you prioritize your most important or frequently visited chats, allowing you to jump back into them effortlessly.
    Inside the Chats Section, you'll find four tabs corresponding to the chat types and your favorites. If a chat is marked as a favorite, it will appear in its respective original tab and the 'Favorites' tab.
    The Chats Section is more than just a message center—it's your digital roundtable for lively discussions, meaningful one-on-ones, and event-driven conversations. It's where your connections come alive and where your community thrives.
Welcome to the Blogs Section, your digital journal within our mobile app. This isn't just a space to write — it's a platform where stories unfold, ideas emerge, and thoughts find expression.
The Blogs Section offers two main types of blogs: Public Blogs and Private Blogs, each with unique features and access.
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    Public Blogs: These are open spaces where authors or contributors can create and publish posts. They are accessible to all subscribers, and even non-subscribers who have found the blog through a shared link or via the 'Explore Public Blogs' page. This page is a showcase of all public blogs in the app, allowing users to explore, read posts, and subscribe to any public blog they find interesting.
    Private Blogs: These blogs operate on an invitation-only basis. Posts in private blogs are visible exclusively to its subscribers, ensuring a more intimate and closed community for sharing ideas and stories. Private blogs can also be a valuable tool for businesses, offering a space for team updates, project planning, knowledge sharing, and much more.
    The blogs function much like a lively, interactive diary. Authors or participants with the necessary permissions can create and publish posts, sparking discussions, debates, and sharing ideas.
    In addition to reading, you can actively engage with posts by commenting on them, transforming the comment section into a vibrant discussion space. Like chats, comments are fully interactive—you can reply to others, mention users, or quote parts of the discussion, allowing for rich and engaging conversations.
    The Blogs Section is more than just a writing platform—it's a community where your thoughts become discussions, and your ideas influence others. It's a space where every post is a potential dialogue, and every dialogue, a journey of discovery. It's a tool that caters not only to individual expression but also to business communication, making it a versatile platform for all users.
Welcome to the Moments Section, a unique platform that allows for fleeting content, exclusive to allgram Premium users. This is a space where the ephemeral meets the personal, bringing you closer to your favorite content creators in a new, intimate way.
Here, content creators can create 'Moments' – posts with a limited lifespan ranging from a day to a week. These special posts are diverse in their format – they could be text-based, image-led, videos, or any combination thereof, mirroring the variety you would find in regular posts.
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    What sets Moments apart is their exclusivity. These posts cannot be bookmarked, tagged, shared, and neither can their comments. This is content designed for a select audience: those who are already subscribed to a specific blog. As a result, Moments don't get distributed across the broader allgram ecosystem. This distinction allows content creators to decide whether they want their content widely disseminated or not, giving them the chance to target their audience with greater precision.
    Moments serve as a potent tool for advertising, offering an exclusive, time-limited channel to reach out to specific audiences, therefore encouraging authors to create blogs and craft content for them. At the same time, Moments can be employed to share specific content, which may only hold relevance for a short period of time and for a select group of people.
    Experience the unique content journey in the Moments Section, where exclusivity and time-boundedness combine to create a special narrative, leaving lasting impressions from fleeting moments. If you have any queries or need further clarification, feel free to reach out. We're here to enhance your Moments experience.
Call History
Step into the Call History Section - your personal command center for managing all your call interactions within our mobile app. From catching up with friends and family to joining crucial work meetings, it's your space to keep tabs on all your communication activities.
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    Each call you make, receive, or miss is recorded here, whether it came from a public or private conversation. It's more than just a list; it's a comprehensive overview of your past interactions, a timeline of your communication journey.
    The Call History Section provides a clear, orderly record of call dates, durations, and participants, making it easy for you to find specific calls. Have an important detail to recall from a past call or need to remember when you last touched base with someone? It's all a few taps away.
    This section also provides a direct way to redial or return a call, making it a breeze to reconnect without digging through chats or contacts. With everything at your fingertips, staying on top of your call activities has never been easier.
    The Call History Section isn’t just a log; it's an integral part of your communication history, ensuring no call or detail is ever lost in the digital ether.
Welcome to the Contacts Section, your personal directory within our mobile app. This section offers a consolidated view of your network, serving as your gateway to staying connected with your world.
Our Contacts Section is a dynamic catalog that reflects your diverse connections. Whether they're friends, family, colleagues, or members from private or public blogs, you can effortlessly keep track of all the people you've connected with. Each entry in this section represents not just a contact but a relationship you've cultivated in your digital journey.
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    With an intuitive layout, the Contacts Section provides the essential details you need at a glance, including names, profile photos, and direct access to message or call. It's an interactive roster that can be easily sorted and searched, enabling you to navigate your network seamlessly.
    But the Contacts Section goes beyond just managing your contacts. It's a reflection of your social network and a convenient hub for initiating interactions. From starting a new chat to planning a meeting, it's your stepping stone to meaningful connections.
    The Contacts Section isn't just a list; it's your personal social map, helping you stay connected, communicate effectively, and nurture your relationships in the digital space.
Digital ID
Introducing the Digital ID Section, your secure passport within our mobile app. It's more than just an identification feature—it's a commitment to trust, privacy, and transparency, all beautifully encapsulated in an easy-to-use digital format.
The core function of the Digital ID is to provide users with a unique, verifiable identifier in the form of a QR code. This QR code is loaded with valuable information ranging from a link to your profile page to a specialized mechanism for initiating a personal chat when another app user scans the code.
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    But what truly sets the Digital ID apart is our approach to data security and user authenticity. Upon registration, all users start as anonymous. However, we offer you the option to verify your account by providing your real personal details to confirm your identity. After a user submits their application and we approve and confirm their identity, a Digital ID is generated for them.
    Your personal data provided during this process is then securely stored in our blockchain database. This strategy not only protects against potential data leaks but also ensures the immutability of confirmed data. You can confidently interact with other users, knowing you're truly communicating with the person you believe you're engaging with.
    The Digital ID Section is your secure gateway to trusted, verified interactions within our app — a true win-win situation for all of us.
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