Why download allgram?

July 1, 2022

Among the many social media and messaging options out there now, the principal players all have their own agenda – which isn’t the same as yours. Most of us are used to seeing ads on Facebook for things we’ve just been talking about on the phone. Think about that for a moment. It’s weird and kind of scary, isn’t it?

Join the allgram revolution and start to enjoy the new digital world

There’s a new secure communication app on the block and it has only one priority: you! It’s called allgram and it’s downloadable now – for free – released for both iOS and Android users.

One of the major attractions is that allgram uses blockchain technology. This means it is strictly peer-to-peer (P2P) and decentralized- making it far and away the most secure communications platform. Because it uses blockchain technology, there are no centralized servers. Your conversation is between you and whoever you’ve chosen – no one else. There’s no intrusive spyware or anyone else listening in or mining your private conversations or business communications. Plus, because it’s free of interference, your calls are absolutely crystal-clear.

In many ways, allgram is the internet as it was originally meant to be: private, decentralized, secure and convenient. Allgram means total personal autonomy and freedom. It’s been created to suit your terms, with one single platform devoted for all your business and personal communication requirements and social media needs.

Allgram: The New Tech Frontier

The fact is that the server-based architecture of legacy apps simply doesn’t allow data to be packaged as it would be on a true peer-to-peer and decentralized basis. It turns out they simply can’t build 21st century technology on top of 20st century architecture. The allgram app, from the beginning, is the first-ever application to feature fully decentralized social media and chat features, accessible only by you.

Only allgram allows you to create entirely secure and private networks for work colleagues, enthusiasts and social groups – in fact, anyone with whom you want to form a micro community of your own. These are called ‘Clubs’ in allgram and you can invite as many people as you want into each dedicated private network. Uniquely, allgram has total respect for your privacy. There is no data “harvesting” and no algorithmic back doors to your life and activities. At allgram, we do not use your data as a commodity: rather your security and your experience are of paramount importance to us.

allgram Clubs can be used to share information, links, images and video – everything you would expect to find in a shared interest online community but with the added advantage of complete privacy and total security.

With allgram, you hold all the keys

While other apps claim that they auto generate and store encryption keys for secure communication, allgram is the first app in history to give users the tools to create their own encryption keys – and where only the users themselves have access to their data.

It really is life online on your personal terms and conditions. Only allgram prioritizes the individual user’s privacy rights above all other considerations. After all, privacy is not a luxury item; it is our birthright. Other apps may pretend to care and guard your data, but only with allgram does your data actually belong to you.

What is real privacy?

You’ll be glad to know allgram doesn’t have any “data fabric” canvassing or one of those creepy robotic voice trees. It doesn’t invade other areas of your online persona to look for clues as to what advertising you might be interested in. Your life is your own tapestry to weave, and your data is no one else’s to “map” or auction to the highest bidder, no “catch me if you can” backroom agenda here.

The simple truth is that most users on other social media apps have no idea whatsoever how intrusive and invasive these “services” are. Only allgram provides convenience and privacy and doesn’t ask for your life’s information in exchange. On the contrary, allgram acknowledges the fact that social media users have been abused by the predator corporations that roam the digital space, where they graze freestyle on the individual user’s rights, seemingly without a care in the world.

The message is clear: allgram doesn’t mortgage off your privacy to the highest bidder and is instead a utility created with the user experience as the sole guiding principles that make no unfair or underhand demands. As such, allgram is here to give fair warning to its competitors that the old architecture of messaging and social media platforms – where trillions of bytes of personal information are centrally hosted and serve as the principal commodity of Big Tech- is now obsolete. That old business model, loaded up with sophisticated algorithms that treat users as consumers and whose value is measured only in dollars and cents, is on the way out. The blockchain has arrived and allgram is leading the way in personal data privacy. The true purpose of the inter-net has returned, and we call all now to take advantage. Download allgram today!

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