Why allgram’s Network Works Better for You, Your Data, and Your Calls

April 10, 2023

How often have we heard that “the servers are down” when trying to access a website or app? Likewise, how often has a sensitive mainframe computer holding all sorts of confidential information and data been hacked with all the inconvenience, threat and embarrassment?

Happily, there are no such fears with allgram, because the allgram network is distributed; but first, a brief explanation of the difference between distributed and decentralized networks. When it comes to digital and online data privacy, this is very important for users and consumers sharing personal and business information.

Decentralized means that there’s no centralized single location or server control of an application. Distributed data means that there are no central servers and no single point where the decision is made across the network. The “work” in a distributed network is routed from peer nodes to sub-nodes within the network. Every node in a distributed network decides for its own behavior and the resulting system is the aggregate response. What this means in practicality for allgram users is that there is no central collection point where files and personal information are held and therefore no obvious targets for hackers. This is obviously a huge bonus for allgram users who seek the highest standards of personal privacy and security.

Other advantages of distributed and decentralized networks like allgram’s are that they provide more control to users because no single entity has control over the entire network while the speed and flexibility of the system are also improved.

A distributed system also has access to a massive amount of computing power due to various machines on the network. The computing power of each node is combined to operate the network so access time to the data is invariably faster because owners can create nodes in different regions or areas where user activity is high. A decentralized system is, by design, also more tolerant to faults. That’s because when one or more central owners or servers fail, the others can continue to provide data access to users.

Crucially, within the context of the allgram app, decentralization means that communications are connected directly via the blockchain from one user to another. This is true peer-to-peer contact without central routing. allgram is the only communications application that is both decentralized and distributed. This unique architecture, coupled with allgram’s patented triple-encryption, makes phone calls or messages not only well-nigh impossible for a hacker to locate, but also gives video and audio a uniquely high fidelity. Hence allgram sets a new standard for ‘HiFi’ or ‘HD’ in personal communications.

For business and personal purposes, allgram is simply the most secure form of communication on the internet. The benefits are crystal clear.

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