Reading Between the Lines of Digital ID

May 26, 2023

When it comes to Digital Identifications or Digital IDs, it may seem like science fiction magic with the immediate recognition of one’s fingerprints or facial recognition. Naturally, Digital IDs are more than just those concepts or what has been shown on Star Trek or Minority Report.

Peace of mind in today’s tech-driven world includes security in the world of cyberspace. After all, a connection to the World Wide Web is no longer a luxury afforded through an Internet Service Provider. It is a necessity in terms of staying connected with our personal and professional networks.

Along the way, there are some misconceptions with Digital IDs. Certainly, privacy and security seem like interchangeable terms. As Ken Macon wrote in a May 5 article for Reclaim The Net, therein lies the risk of potential misuse of Digital ID technology: the infringement of privacy in the name of protecting one’s rights.

Brett Solomon of Wired addresses such concerns in an op-ed exploring the aspects of Digital ID, such as facial recognition technology and biometric databases that are being set up to track the digital version of our individual selves. Such actions, presented in the spirit of “security,” are taken without our consent.

Likewise, as Jay Stanley wrote in a May 17, 2021, article for ACLU, a poorly-constructed Digital ID system may lend itself to a nightmare when it comes to privacy. Essentially, Digital IDs may be requested anywhere, in person and online. Digital IDs could thus track our every action and location, conjuring the much feared realization of a “Big Brother” figure watching over us.

Digital ID operates much differently with allgram. Unlike the iterations of Digital IDs that are linked with governing institutions or corporations masking the ID’s as a privacy measure, allgram’s Digital ID is owned exclusively by you, the user.

From encrypting your key management to recovering a chat session with a friend or associate, managing your linked devices or editing your contact information, allgram’s Digital ID truly puts you in the driver’s seat. The only big brother associated with allgram is the one that you may need to call with the good news about your latest race victory or graduation from college.

The power is with you to control the kind of information and data that you want to share and store within allgram. Given the need for genuine security without the watchful eyes or brooding over your shoulder presence of those outside of your circle, enjoy a bit of old school serenity with allgram and Digital ID. Download allgram today!

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