Managing a Safe Environment for Media Sharing: the allgram Way

July 25, 2023

No matter if you are a parent or a social media influencer, sharing media files is a common experience as an online user, whether through email, text messages or social media apps. Media sharing happens on a daily basis.

Think about the time when you shared photos from your daughter’s birthday party. How about that moment when your nephew hit the game-winning home run for his Little League Baseball team?

These precious moments are captured in photos, documents or videos and shared online, most likely on a social media platform or file sharing app.

For business owners, media sharing is a common activity, from sharing blueprints between architect partners to video recordings of quarterly meetings. In some cases, it can be as simple as emailing an Excel file with financial data to a colleague.

Lost in the shuffle is the importance of a secure and safe environment for file sharing. If proper measures are not taken, it can result in stress and, in some cases, the loss of trade secrets, money and one’s reputation.

As Haseeb Awan wrote in an April 6, 2023, blog entry for Efani, secure file sharing provides enhanced security and cost savings. In other words, it becomes more difficult for malicious attackers to access private or confidential files.

Awan observed how secure file sharing also saves money, reducing the need for expensive USBs or external hard drives. The exorbitant costs can be a headache for business owners or digital journalists.

A secure environment for media sharing aligns with allgram’s philosophy of providing a safe and private online experience. With allgram, you get to be in the driver’s seat, controlling access to those special moments or important files.

In a March 2, 2023, article for Business News Daily, Sean Peek emphasized these points about secure file sharing. Peek highlighted the paramount importance for safety and ease of access without the consequences.

If you want to easily share files, it’s crucial to secure them to enjoy the convenience without compromising your security. Be a steward to your coworkers and friends and champion the importance of sharing media files.

In today’s workforce, a remote environment is the norm. While it may be simple to share files online using computers or mobile devices, it’s important to prioritize security.

This is where allgram comes into play. allgram emphasizes a safe environment for media sharing by utilizing distributed networks.

With a network consisting of multiple, independently run networks, the experience is more robust and efficient. allgram ensures that “Your Data Is Yours” in this manner and secures access with Digital ID.

Unlike the mass concept of Digital ID, there is no big brother watching over your shoulders. Instead, allgram’s user-generated Digital ID puts the power in your hands to encrypt data and files, keeping them away from potential invaders.

Looking for the app that lets you share photos and videos without the hassles and worries in today’s online world? Take control now and download allgram via the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play store for Android users.

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