Going Back to School: Stay in touch with friends and colleagues with allgram

October 5, 2022

allgram is the new social media and communications app that’s proving to be a hit with students looking for an alternative to existing platforms.

21st century students have grown up as “digital natives,” and anyone going to college for the first time in 2022 will have never known the pre-internet, analog world. Generation-Z are much more tech-savvy and discerning in their choice of internet than their predecessors. And it shows.

For this age group, the internet was never a novelty. They are a class of students who demand more from the digital world than their predecessors. They’re looking for innovation, for different ways of doing things and increasingly, they don’t want their online lives to be an open book.

Among the most exciting innovations in the digital world in recent years has been the emergence of blockchain technology. Although initially associated almost exclusively with cryptocurrencies, a wide range of applications built on the blockchain has begun to emerge.

One of the developments leading the way is allgram – the breakthrough social media and all-in-one communications platform sure to appeal to the new generation of college students.

Studies show that these students are actually much more conscious of online privacy and security issues than they show or tend to admit. In some cases this is a personal matter but it is also relevant to academic work and studies. No one wants prying eyes or AI bots peering over their digital shoulder while they research or write. Who knows where the information might end up? After all, our relationships and the confidentiality of academic work should always be sacrosanct and with user-generated Digital IDs and allgram’s triple encryption, it is. With no central servers, allgram is fully decentralized– meaning that there is no data harvesting. allgram’s unique and patented architecture makes it un-hackable.

This makes allgram not only an ideal place to store academic work but a great place to meet friends and stay in touch and develop outside of the standard, all-intrusive digital Panopticon. Blockchain technology with no “man in the middle” central servers means crystal-clear peer to peer (P2P) calls while allgram Clubs are the perfect place to invite friends. Whether you’re organizing study groups, arranging College sports teams, working on an arts project or just hanging out for a chat and sharing memes, allgram is the student choice for 2022 and beyond.

All student activities can be organized and shared with confidence, safety and security on allgram.

Join the decentralized blockchain revolution and download allgram today!

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