Cybersecurity is Critical for the allgram Experience

June 19, 2023

“If you can understand a hacker’s perspective and motivation, you have a better chance of winning the cyber war.” – Christian Espinosa, Forbes Councils Member

It does not matter if you are a small business owner, a corporate conglomerate or a college student with a side hustle as a social media influencer.

If you do not take cybersecurity seriously, you put yourself at risk of being compromised. Conversations with family, friends or associates, files to share with your business partner or sensitive information can be exploited.

allgram cares a great deal about providing the safest, most secure experience for its users regardless of how simple or intricate their needs may be. Know that your data is truly yours through a secure manner as allgram uses a decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain technology.

On those other social media platforms, there are advertisements that seemingly know about your interests, purchasing history or upcoming activities. With allgram, the only party that knows those personal details is you and those that you share your information with.

When you start a Chat with a friend or associate, files can be sent and shared in a safe, protected environment. Forget about censorship algorithms, data harvesting or data mining.

Allgram operates through a distributed network that is configured so that participants communicate with each other without going through a centralized point. This network works in a more modern, agile manner. Connection points act as a backup server which creates fail-safes and more protection for systems.

As Zaki Abbas, VP and CISO at Brookfield Asset Management explains, “There’s not a ‘one and done’ solution for cybersecurity, no silver bullet as we like to call it. With cyber, there needs to be continuous caring and feeding of the program. It’s a program that requires ongoing improvement.”

That is not to say that allgram rests on its laurels. In fact, our team constantly works on proactively enhancing the user experience. Whether that means improving its interface or ensuring that users have the most seamless, safest experiences with our app, allgram can be used without any worries from external threats.

Dale Zabriskie, an Evangelist at Proofpoint Security Awareness, points out the importance of continuously being keen on cybersecurity, regardless of one’s computer expertise.

“The idea of cybersecurity training has to be evangelized within an organization,” Zabriskie said. “Because ‘Hey, I’ve been using a computer my whole life. Why do I need to be trained on this stuff?’”

Complacency is not in allgram’s motive. With allgram’s Digital ID feature, secure your conversations, contacts and files and ensure that these are saved in your desired devices. In a matter of a few taps on the allgram app, your privacy is safe and sound with the vigilance of a pro hockey goalie.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder and Chairman of the Ponemon Institute, once said, “A data breach is about both privacy and security. And security becomes very, very important because you can’t have privacy unless you have good security. And if someone tries to say otherwise, they are crazy people!”

Peace of mind is at the forefront of the allgram experience. You are in the driver’s seat or at the helm of your online experiences knowing you can enjoy and focus on that crystal clear video call, regardless of your signal’s strength.

Ready to talk shop with your business partner halfway around the world? Want to share that cute cat video with your sister in California? Download allgram today on your iPhone or iOS device via the App Store or Android device through the Google Play store today!

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