allgram: The Privacy Choice

August 2, 2022

Many people have no idea that their data, indeed every aspect of their online life actually belongs to the website they’re visiting or the app they are using. We’ve all gotten used to seeing the “Accept All Cookies” option when landing on a homepage or quickly accepting all “terms and conditions” to upload a new app onto our phones. What few people know is that when they casually accept all cookies or terms and conditions, with that with one click they are signing away not only the rights to their data but they are giving permission to be tracked thereafter by the website or app’s partners or advertisers.

The same applies to Social Media platforms and some of them are notorious for collecting your data and selling it to the highest bidders. There were recently multiple complaints as people discovered that advertisements for subjects mentioned in private telephone calls suddenly appeared in their social media feed. People were extremely disconcerted by this intrusive and unwanted use of their data – as they should be.

Mobile phone applications keep a very close eye on all users and they target ads for items people search for on Google and consider what content to place in social media feeds. It’s this “cross pollination” between different programs and apps that users find most unnerving. The social media experience seems increasingly tailored, via complex algorithms, to provide the content that technology companies think you want to see.

It is commonly known that your searches and even your clicks are a commodity. They represent a currency that is traded on the open market because quite simply, clicks can be turned into sales revenue. The ultimate conversion rate may be poor, but the users’ data is invaluable. This market isn’t about hitting the bullseye every time; it’s about attritional marketing that will pay off over time.

You may say to yourself “I’m not influenced by targeted online advertising. I don’t buy things that way and I’m an independent thinking consumer.” The data, however, shows otherwise. Even if you are one of those rare people with the self-control and single mindedness not to click on the next shiny object presented in front of your eyes, the math says that the person sitting next to you in the universal virtual Internet Cafe we all inhabit is one of those people data harvesters are targeting.

There’s another point with all this though, and it’s not simply that you don’t want your boss to see algorithm-generated ads when he or she peers over your shoulder at your laptop screen. The key concept here, the word missing from the social media business model is Privacy.

That’s where allgram is different. allgram is a privacy-first, secure messaging, communication and social media platform with no data harvesting at all. ZERO intrusion. Everything you do on allgram, all your calls, the files and links you share, every single keystroke is completely private. It’s a platform with strictly peer-to-peer communications, making it by far the most secure way to chat on the internet. It has no servers and is completely decentralized. Your data is safe here. Benefiting from a completely different, blockchain technology architecture, its triple encryption is as secure as can be.

Then there are allgram Clubs. Using the same decentralized, Peer-to-Peer interface, allgram Clubs are a place where you can share common interests, news, hobbies and recommendations. The perfect place for content creators allgram Clubs can be about anything you want while allgram’s technology ensures total privacy.

We’ve been conditioned to think that online privacy, like freedom of speech, is a luxury, perhaps an even privilege for the lucky few who can afford special protection. Nothing could be further from the truth. Freedom of speech and privacy are our birthrights. allgram is here to reassert these fundamental values and free us from companies who see us as simply commodities to be traded and spied upon.

Switch to allgram today and never look back.

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