allgram: The Next Gen Privacy App Truly Designed for Users

April 24, 2023

“Data protection is about making sure the data is kept safe from theft and misuse by those who should not have access to it.” – Laureen Knudsen, Broadcom

In today’s technologically driven world, privacy and security are indelible intangibles for the truly authentic, meaningful user experience on social media applications (apps). Whether social media apps are used to interact with family and friends or run a business to engage with customers around the world, privacy and security are at the forefront of social media users for peace of mind and trust with their online experiences.

As Dale Renner of Redpoint Global Inc., said, “While data privacy relates to how brands collect and use consumer data, data protection from security threats is a separate concern. While the two are distinct in terms of how they are approached by brands, protecting both elements are key to building and maintaining trust with consumers, which will result in a strong and secure brand reputation.”

With allgram, personal and business privacy and security are at the forefront for the user experience. Whether you are messaging a loved one about dinner plans, catching up with motorsports fans through allgram’s Clubs feature, or conducting a video conference call with your team, allgram provides next generation, decentralized peer-to-peer communication with blockchain technology on a distributed network.

Users can schedule meetings for personal or business purposes by using allgram’s Calendar feature with a few, simple steps. By tapping the red calendar icon, a meeting can be set up with a specific Meeting Name, inviting participants, setting up the date and time, and selecting the Create option.

Once a meeting is setup, users can meet their clients, colleague or friends with crystal clear video resolution and crisp audio. allgram allows you to take control of the experience that you desire with an audience of your choosing. There are no data harvesting and algorithms that intrude upon your privacy.

Whether you are a social media influencer seeking for a social media app that values privacy or a business owner concerned about data protection, allgram provides both by utilizing blockchain technology. In other words, “Your Data is Yours” and yours alone to go about your day without the worries of data mining.

So, what are you waiting for? Download allgram today on your iPhone or iOS device via the App Store or Android device through the Google Play store right now. Experience social media and communications app the way it is truly meant for users in the next generation.

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