allgram Rekindles the Spirit and Values of the Original Internet, for the 21st Century

September 20, 2022

allgram is the new way to communicate privately or through social media. The app gives people the chance to rediscover the original promise – and premise – of the internet.

The early 2000s internet was unguarded, unafraid and represented a new frontier for freedom of speech and open communication. “Internet 1.0” was a place where people could exchange ideas, opinions and communicate across the globe with like-minded people they’d never met but who shared the same interests and passions.

There were no doubt flaws in the system in those “Wild West” early years. The architecture of the World Wide Web, as it was known, was far from bulletproof. The original servers and dial-up modems were clunky and slow, and so were the home PCs we used to access them. Not only did everything happen at a snail’s pace but it was also highly porous. Worms, bugs, viruses and hacking abounded with numerous accounts compromised and plenty of confidential information falling into the wrong hands, sometimes with disastrous results.

Modern firewalls and improved operating systems have reduced the threat of unwanted intrusion, and yet the fundamental architecture and structure of today’s internet remains largely the same. Central servers will always be vulnerable to intrusion and we still hear all too frequently of security breaches at this or that major company website, resulting in the personal information and data of thousands of people falling in an instant into the hands of unscrupulous exploitation. Now in the third decade of the 21st century, there is a new player on the scene. The keyword here is blockchain technology, and no one communications platform has embraced decentralized blockchain like allgram.

allgram is the internet on your terms. There is no “catch me if you can” backroom agenda. allgram’s peer-to-peer Blockchain means freedom from the centralization and intrusion endemic to all other communications and social media platforms. Users on other apps rarely have any idea how intrusive and invasive these “services” are; allgram provides convenience and privacy and we don’t ask for your life’s information in exchange. allgram recognizes that users have had their privacy mortgaged off to the highest bidders on other platforms.

allgram is different. It’s truly a place where anyone can message, call, conference and share files privately with no unfair demands or contingencies. Your Data Is Yours.

allgram is the perfect app to schedule your business meetings. Clients and colleagues alike will find allgram a particularly professional place to do business, and somewhere you can interact in the full confidence that your speech, text and information you share will remain always “For your eyes only.”

Use the allgram calendar to schedule meetings. Form clubs, as many as you wish, with customers and colleagues and use this uniquely secure and private channel to conduct business. Use allgram for your voice communications and note how the quality of the call, thanks to our decentralized blockchain technology, is absolutely crystal-clear.

Join the Revolution and Unlock the Freedom of a New Digital World. Only with allgram. You can download it on PlayStore or Apple today.

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