allgram is the Professional’s Choice for Hybrid Working

November 9, 2022

Hybrid work – the flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical workplace, and part remotely. This has become the norm over the last few years and is one of the buzzwords of the current decade, with good reason. The pandemic saw the biggest change in working practices in fifty years: now allgram is here to meet the challenges of hybrid working with the clearest, safest and most secure communications platform on the internet.

Hybrid working creates an opportunity to redesign how we work together, in a way that does not compromise, but enhances our levels of collective well-being and performance. This was clear in the findings of recent research conducted at King’s College London, where 150 participants from industries across the globe, both leading and working within remote and hybrid teams, were interviewed to understand which factors helped or hindered their levels of well-being.

Meanwhile, new research from Glassdoor, the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, examined more than 527,000 reviews by UK workers to shed light on how hybrid work impacts employees and their job-hunting behavior.

The findings show that hybrid-discussing workers are significantly more satisfied in their roles than their non-hybrid counterparts. So much so that they are nearly half as likely to look for a new role as other employees.

And ‘hybrid’ is proving to be the hot topic amongst employees, with overall mentions of the word growing 17 times year-on-year (up over 1600%). Positive discussion of ‘hybrid” workspaces has increased rapidly since the pandemic began in 2020.

Hybrid working means being physically apart more than a conventional office-based pattern. This means regular voice and video contact is vital for virtual meetings and also to maintain business and personal relationships across continents and time zones. Naturally, those communications need to be hassle-free, with top-quality audio and video signal regardless of where the correspondents are located. Users that have already downloaded allgram can testify to the efficacy and outstanding quality of allgram voice and video calls. This is due to allgram’s unique architecture and technology.

Using the blockchain combined with a decentralized platform means allgram has no central servers and therefore no routing via a single hub. This also means that the line of communication runs from one person directly to the other.The result sets a new standard for digital Communications. A very sharp picture and a crystal clear voice stream are the hallmarks of an allgram call. Just as important of course is the strength of the connection and here allgram scores again because the blockchain technology is not dependent on signal strength in the same way as conventional internet calls.

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