allgram is now available for iOS

August 14, 2022

Join the allgram Revolution and enjoy a digital world on Your Terms

allgram is the new secure communications app with only one priority: your privacy. Built on blockchain technology, it is strictly peer-to-peer (P2P) and triple encrypted – making it far and away the most secure communications platform on the internet.

Download allgram for iOS and you’ll hold all the keys to your secure and private digital ID, which you create when you join the service. And allgram is the first-ever communications and social media application to be fully decentralized with no servers. This means your conversation is between you and whoever you’ve chosen – no one else.

allgram users enjoy secure chats, phone calls and social media, all with no intrusive company spyware or anyone else observing your posts, comments and likes. It means there’s no mining of your private conversations, business communications or personal data on your phone. The technological architecture of the allgram app means it’s possible now on both iOS and Android to experience total privacy. allgram takes this core philosophy seriously. With no data harvesting and no selling your preferences to the highest bidder, everything you do on allgram belongs to just you. Plus, because it’s free of interference, your calls are absolutely crystal-clear.

Uniquely, allgram is the answer to connect online with total personal autonomy and freedom. It’s been created to suit your terms. A single platform devoted for all your business and personal communication requirements and social networking needs. For Apple users who historically appreciate quality and the original integrity of the internet, allgram is the perfect choice for all your secure digital communications needs.

allgram is the internet as it was originally meant to be: private, decentralized, secure and convenient.

allgram also allows you to create entirely secure and private networks for work colleagues, special interests and social groups – in fact, anyone with whom you want to form a micro community of your own. These are called ‘Clubs’ in allgram and you can invite as many people as you want into each dedicated private network. As with every aspect of allgram, there is total respect for your privacy; allgram pledges no intrusive moderation and no algorithmic back doors to your life and data.

allgram Clubs can be used to share information, links, images and video – everything you would expect to find in a shared interest online community, but with the added advantage of complete privacy and total security.

The blockchain has arrived and allgram is leading the way in personal data privacy. The true And now we can all take advantage. Download allgram for iOS today!

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