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October 17, 2022

allgram is the new messaging app that is starting to make waves for individuals who are looking for something more private and secure than other communication platforms.

Now available for both Android and iOS, allgram is revolutionizing digital communications. Why? It’s the only widely available communications app that’s genuinely peer-to-peer. How? allgram uses blockchain technology, with no centralized servers. All of your data is triple-encrypted and is accessible only by allgram’s patented business and user-created Digital ID solution.

This novel platform architecture makes allgram ideal for business users looking for a secure place for employees to meet and share sensitive or confidential information digitally. File sharing, messaging, calling, meetings and social media clubs are all private and completely secure to your network only.

Industrial espionage or sheer carelessness can cost companies their competitive edge – or worse – and allgram represents a virtually impenetrable layer of protection. Businesses can use allgram as a secure online vault for data they want to keep private.

No servers or cloud-based storage means allgram is completely decentralized. It also means that all the data in an individual’s account is exclusively theirs and distributed evenly with encryption across our entire P2P network. Individuals and companies using allgram can be confident that employee data remains strictly “For your eyes only.”

The allgram advantages for business are obvious, especially when you factor in the additional features that allgram offers. Calls on allgram use the same, cutting-edge P2P blockchain technology making them absolutely crystal-clear no matter where you are in the world – and completely private. allgram’s Calls and Meetings features allow for maximum flexibility, with the same features as rival applications, including live, on-screen document-sharing and dynamic participant video-conferencing. But unlike many other communications applications that feature centralized servers, your business conversations on allgram are impenetrable by design. You can discuss important and private business matters with total confidence that no one, whether human or AI, is listening in or harvesting your data.

allgram: the ideal communal work platform

allgram’s Clubs feature is the ideal communal work platform not only because it’s completely private but because it allows for the creation of exclusive Clubs for any topic or subject matter you desire. These are digital communities free of any external interference or “moderators” and are ideally suited to, for example, people working in teams or groups who want to share confidential information digitally.

A manager or business owner can, for example, start separate Clubs for Human Resources, Product Development, Marketing, Finance and Sales with only the individuals he/she has invited able to access the information in the respective groups. There is no possibility of “leakage” from one group to another and all data shared remains the sole and exclusive property of the owner, accessible only by selected and authenticated recipients. In this respect allgram’s technology is completely distinct from other platforms who effectively take possession of your content and can exploit it. allgram’s pledge of “Your Data is Yours” is more than a tagline. On allgram, colleagues can share their work, ideas and latest news in fully secure, self-contained groups with security and confidence.

Security. Privacy. Professionalism. allgram is here to provide the most comprehensive platform for business today.

Download allgram for iOS and Android today.

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