allgram Features: A Real Bonus for Business Professionals

March 30, 2023

allgram, the revolutionary new communications and social media app utilizing exclusively blockchain technology, has a wealth of features to facilitate all types of interaction. These include scheduled meetings, conference calls, voice and text messaging, video calls and clubs and communities.

Because it uses decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain technology, allgram’s interface is different from other platforms. For starters, you will never see an advertisement on allgram. You will never see content on other apps that you were discussing or sharing on allgram.

The Home page on the app hosts Notifications with the Calendar, Chats, Clubs and Calls being the key feature buttons arranged from left to right along the bottom of the screen.

Let’s have a look at these in more detail.

Calendar: This is where you can schedule future events and meetings. Simply scroll through the calendar, tap on the chosen date, and follow the simple menu. Invite as many people as you wish, and they will each receive a notification of the upcoming event.

Chats: Here, users can have as many simultaneous conversations as they want, while each conversation has a separate identity. This means there’s no need to scroll through days or weeks’ worth of chats to find key information or data previously shared. Chats can involve more than one person with a handy search function to find users and invite them to the conversation. The conversation box is also the perfect place to share Files, Images and Videos safe in the knowledge that allgram’s decentralized blockchain technology and triple encryption mean users can have the utmost confidence that whatever they share will not be accessed by third parties. There is no sharing mechanism more secure than allgram on the internet.

Clubs: This is the social media community aspect of allgram and can also be used for work groups. Users can initiate as many clubs as they want and name them accordingly. The button in the top right-hand corner has a drop-down menu for settings and allows you to invite as many people as you want to join your club. Here you can share posts, images and chat around the Club topic with total confidence. As with all aspects of the allgram platform, anything shared is safe and private, available only to your selected audience.

Calls: All allgram calls are peer-to-peer with no central servers. This means that even with a weak signal, allgram calls have unrivaled quality for both sound and video quality. Calls are logged on the Calls page and can be cleared easily.

Take your time to explore allgram’s features and invite friends to join. Remind them too that there is no data harvesting on allgram, no censorship algorithms and no centralized hubs or servers. All data content shared across allgram is distributed and secure.

Switch to allgram and the benefits will be crystal clear.

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