allgram Clubs: Liberating Online Communities from Intrusion and Control

August 9, 2022

One of the most popular and compelling features of social media are the groups and communities engaged by common interest. Whether it’s technology, sports, music, history, pop culture or a niche topic, these online groups bring people together around a shared interest or common meeting place in a way that has fostered community and enriched many lives.

More recently however, red flags have begun to appear with online groups and communities and a growing number are becoming concerned. There are concerns around the problem of privacy, or lack of it. Algorithms and bots systematically scan posts and content looking for clues as to user interests and then mirror them back to us as advertisements for products they think we want. Information passes through servers, sharing an individual’s data to everyone along the way. Users are also then aggregated into seeing “suggested” streams of information that a faceless algorithm creates and are often restricted from seeing information or posts that their network creates. All at the whims of the host platform. Nobody wants that.

Then there is the freedom issue. Many established platforms are increasing censorship of content which may be truthful and fundamentally harmless but of which they disapprove. “Your post has failed to meet our community standards” and similar notifications accompany hasty deletions of content and, with increasing frequency, outright bans and cancellations of accounts.

Many of the established players on the social media scene also have big problems with user identity integrity. Users or programmed bots often operate within social media groups impersonating others or misrepresenting organisations. There is very little in the way of verification of real identities and this means that you may be engaging with and sharing data or personal information with a person or organization who are not who they say they are.

allgram Clubs are the new, blockchain technology social media platform that answers these concerns. Benefitting from full decentralization, there are no servers or hidden hands in the middle of your interactions. The communication channel is simply between you and authenticated users and organizations that you choose to have in your Club. No scanning bots and no algorithmic counters on allgram. Your private data and images are never sold to the highest bidder and they can not be viewed by anyone outside those you have specifically invited.

With allgram, ‘Your Data Is Yours’ and your digital life is no longer a one-way street. There is no superimposed allgram “Community standard” which at the whim of an invisible and uncontactable “moderator” can restrict you or your content. Allgram provides a triple-encrypted platform for you to share links, video, and images but, just as importantly, your thoughts and ideas safe in the knowledge that they will not be shared or sold by intrusive and uninvited third parties. And allgram has addressed identity integrity concerns better than any other platform. By design, allgram’s revolutionary user-created Digital ID authenticates every organization and individual using our network, so you always know that you are engaging only with the actual members of your chosen network.

As the only true peer-to-peer social media platform in the world, allgram empowers. The ledger is yours and you are free to engage online with full privacy and peace of mind. This means that allgram Clubs are a place you can invite people with shared interests safe in the knowledge that their privacy is as fully guaranteed as yours. And this isn’t just some empty pledge. It is part of the fabric, the very architecture of the platform which makes intrusion virtually impossible.

allgram Clubs are a catalyst for creativity and trust in a way that established, server-based and heavily scrutinized online communities are not. Allgram Clubs are the safest place to connect your network. Clubs complement the other allgram features – calls, calendars, messaging and meetings to provide the digital world’s most comprehensive network of secure communication and sharing.

Download allgram today and join the next frontier of social media.

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