allgram Clubs Leads Social Media Innovation

October 29, 2022

After social media became a stand-in for real life during the pandemic it would be fair to assume that its popularity in a restriction-free world would be on the decline. In fact, while there is a growing movement towards social self-care and reduced screen time, people aren’t turning their backs on social media just yet. As of January 2022, there are now 4.62 billion social media users around the world, equating to 58.4% of the world’s total population – an extraordinary figure.

The bare numbers though don’t tell the whole story. The social media landscape is constantly changing with trends and innovations seeming to come along on an almost daily basis. Some are just passing fads; some have a definite expiration date, and some are just plain gimmicks. A select few represent genuine breakthroughs that will stand the test of time.

The breakthrough developments in social media are usually a new presentation of an existing format. allgram, which is now available to download for both iOS and Android, stands apart from the rest– in several respects.

Unique to allgram is the total privacy it gives its users. allgram is a safe space for free expression that gives users the opportunity to expand horizons and embrace creativity without the intrusiveness of other platforms. allgram’s unique decentralized, triple-encrypted blockchain technology is available for use on the application now. And there are no content moderators peering over your digital shoulder. allgram represents a return to the original spirit of the internet: private, free, fair and uninhibited. This is good news for professionals and content creators alike.

allgram users benefit from total control over their own data. By design, it can never be auctioned off to the highest bidder or exploited by the lowest common denominator hacker. These qualities make allgram the best digital work and social environment available today.

allgram gives users on all levels in a business or social network the most valuable gift: true peace of mind.

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