allgram Clubs are really taking off!

September 27, 2022

allgram is the new social media and communications app that’s rapidly gaining ground among professionals and people who value online security and privacy.

The first social media app to use entirely decentralized blockchain technology, allgram has a number of features which are proving increasingly popular with its ever-growing user base.

Perhaps the most popular of allgram’s features is the crystal clear phone calling facility. Having no central servers, allgram calls are genuinely peer-to-peer, person-to-person with no possibility of intrusion by unwanted individuals or by AI. Blockchain technology also means exceptional sound quality and a rock-solid connection.

Also increasingly growing is the Clubs social media platform on allgram. Clubs are communities where like-minded people can share stories, images and links safe in the knowledge that their content will only be seen by those in the club. You can start your own clubs, as many as you like– or respond to an invitation from an existing member. And since allgram is accessible only to users with unique, user-created Digital IDs, you always know you are interacting with real people who are who they say they are.

There are all subject matters of interest on allgram Clubs. Clubs can be formed by allgram members around any subject of mutual fascination: Family, Sports teams, spirituality, politics, music, comedy, theatre, movie – all are potential venues and subjects for allgram Clubs.

Clubs can also be used as private work environments where colleagues can share confidential information. Virtually unhackable, ideas and private company business can be deposited and shared freely online safe in the knowledge that neither the platform nor any outside individuals will be able to access the data. Because at allgram, we live by the mantra that “Your Data is Yours,” and your business is your business.

allgram Clubs – which are decentralized and triple-encrypted – are the safest digital vault available on the market. Your data and your private interactions are yours and yours alone.

If you haven’t already, join allgram today and start exploring. Form a club with your friends and get a feel for how it works. Other “secure communications” platforms have data-harvesting agendas; allgram is the internet as it was intended to be. It is truly an uncluttered information superhighway with the security of a private road.

Join the Blockchain revolution. Join allgram! Download the app today.

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