allgram calls: crystal-clear and totally private

September 1, 2022

allgram allows you to make telephone calls over the internet in a completely different way.

allgram has a unique technological architecture which does not include centralized servers.

What does this mean?

allgram is the first social media and communications platform to use blockchain technology. This means there is no server hosting the call. Calls on allgram are directly between you and your counterparts, giving you crystal-clear reception and total privacy.

allgram is the only digital communications application in the world that offers users digitally authenticated triple-encryption for all aspects of their personal communications and messaging. Triple-encryption ensures that calls are impenetrable – your conversations are yours alone.

Real people, no impersonation

allgram’s architecture eliminates impersonation or fraudulent impersonation. Each allgram user creates a unique Digital ID that ensures a secure connection with the party or parties you’ve chosen, and that they are who they say they are!

No interference

On an allgram call, there is no interference, no virtual or algorithmic “man in the middle.” allgram respects the fact that your business is your business and not our business. This means you can share confidential business information or personal messages with no one listening in and zero bots scanning for keywords. Your most private business and personal conversations shall remain secure.

allgram respects its community and trusts the integrity of our users. Your phone calls will never be recorded or monitored on our platform.

Additional Features

The allgram app also features a bespoke Calendar. Here you can make notes, arrange meetings and schedule calls with the same privacy you have with allgram calls.

The same applies to the allgram Meetings invitation feature. Only invited allgram meeting participants will be aware of your scheduled allgram conversations.

allgram chat, clubs and file sharing

The allgram text chat facility is similarly peer-to-peer and uses the same unique blockchain technology. This means you can share a link, images and whatever you like in the full confidence that your chosen recipient will be the sole person to see it. To quote James Bond, it really is ‘For Your Eyes Only’ .

allgram Clubs work on the same principle with the same technology as phone calls and text chat but with allgram clubs you can share with a wider audience. Truly private online communities, allgram Clubs reinforce our belief in Freedom of Speech.

Switch to allgram and the benefits will be crystal clear

With the ability to share content and add call participants, allgram offers all of the features of established platforms but with the additional security and encryption afforded by true P2P connectivity and allgram’s blockchain technology.

allgram resurrects the true spirit of voice over internet Protocol (VoIP), upgraded for Web 3.0 and the challenges of digital life in the twenty-first century. Blockchain technology means the added advantage of reliable crystal-clear calls.

Only allgram offers unsurpassed protection of users’ conversations and the business community’s intellectual property.

Switch to allgram and the benefits will be crystal clear. Now available on Google Play Store for Android and on iOS platforms.

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