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allgram is the next generation decentralized Peer-to-Peer secure communication platform that leverages the blockchain to host user digital identities and is developed with cyber and information security as the core elements of the solution

More than Messaging

Use allgram to communicate securely via chat, voice, video, & social media knowing that your data is secure.

Crystal clear calls, triple encryption for ultra-secure information and data sharing means that allgram is the smart choice for Executives and Professionals. The only communication application to use the blockchain, allgram is completely free of data harvesting and platform intrusion. It's the perfect place for ultra-secure business conversations and document transfer.

Why Choose allgram?
Choosing allgram means embracing a fresh, democratic approach to digital interaction. Here's why:

Green Tech Commitment

We proudly uphold a green perspective by abstaining from the utilization of central servers or data centers in our operations, prioritizing environmentally sustainable and decentralized technologies instead.

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  • Digital ID

    Digital ID’s are authenticated through the blockchain for true identity verification

  • Chat

    Peer to Peer communication via text, voice and video with no central servers

  • Schedule calls

    Send meeting invites using allgram calendar for business or personal use

  • Social media

    Create private or public blogs and share posts securely with no targeted advertisements

What makes allgram unique

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  • allgram offers a variety of communication modes, including personal and public chats, voice and video calls, blog interactions, and event engagements in one user-friendly platform.
  • allgram provides an efficient way to manage online and offline events, with a clear distinction between public and private activities, effectively becoming your digital personal assistant.
  • allgram reinvents chatting with personal, public, and event-based chats, which can be marked as favorites for easy access, enhancing user engagement and interaction.
  • With public and private blogs, users can create and publish posts, offering businesses a secure platform to connect with their teams or clients effectively.
  • allgram's unique tag-based system gives users the power to tag public content and follow tags of their interest, ensuring they receive genuinely relevant information and tackling the issues of information manipulation and ineffective content recommendation algorithms.
  • allgram's Digital ID feature is a testament to our commitment to user authenticity and data security. With a blockchain storage system, we guarantee user data protection and authenticity.
  • As a premium feature, users can create 'Moments' — exclusive time-limited posts accessible only to a blog's subscribers, ensuring unique, personalized, and non-distributable content.
  • allgram utilizes the IPFS network for distributed file storage, ensuring data security and making server breaches a non-issue.
  • allgram features a digital wallet, which users can recharge and use for in-app purchases, such as subscribing to allgram Premium or purchasing additional features. The wallet also supports peer-to-peer money transfers.
  • allgram leverages P2P technology for chat and call functionalities, ensuring direct, server-less data exchange between users for enhanced privacy.
  • For our corporate clients, we offer allgram Enterprise, with options to deploy their IPFS access server, signal server, and stored chat server, ensuring total control and security over their data and interactions.
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Users feedback
  • Olivia Davis

    I can't get enough of allgram! It's a fantastic messaging app that ticks all the boxes. The interface is sleek, the calls are crystal clear, and the group chats are a breeze to manage. allgram has become my go-to communication tool!

  • Emily Johnson

    allgram is a game-changer! As a social butterfly, I appreciate the seamless user experience it offers. The file-sharing feature makes it effortless to exchange photos and documents with friends. Kudos to the allgram team for creating such a phenomenal app!

  • Michael Thompson

    allgram has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. The group call feature allows me to stay connected with my friends effortlessly. The app's reliability and user-friendly interface make it a standout in the crowded messaging app market.

  • Sophia Williams

    I'm in love with allgram! It combines sleek design with powerful features. The ability to sync messages across multiple devices ensures I never miss an important conversation. allgram has truly elevated my messaging experience!

  • David Anderson

    allgram is the best messaging app out there! The intuitive interface and smooth performance make chatting a delight. I can easily share files and engage in group chats without any hassle. allgram has set a new standard for messaging apps!

  • Jonathan Dunlap

    allgram has exceeded my expectations! The app's versatility, from one-on-one chats to group calls, caters to all my communication needs. It's reliable, secure, and has a user-friendly interface. allgram has become my preferred messenger!

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